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Tournament takes place!

We Prada Replica Handbags are happy to host the 30th Danube Open this year.

The new Corona decrees enable us to host tournaments under the 2G rule (recovery or vaccination).

Due to the corona restrictions, we had to adapt the announcemant. You can find details:


Covid guidelines

Participants and accompanying persons must present a 2-G (recoverd or vaccination) certificate or ninja pass for young people of school age.

In the tournament rooms:

  • No mask requirement during the game.
  • A mask is required until the game of the round - no mask on the board; After the start of the game - no mask requirement; After the end of the game, it is again compulsory to wear a mask.
  • Disinfectant is available and you are requested to disinfect your hands upon entry.

In the case of a corona case:

  • For the opponent this means that he has to do a test before the game for the next three days. If the two seat neighbors were less than 1 meter apart, they too would have to do a test for the next three days.
  • If someone feels sick, a test must be taken as a precaution! Tests can also be carried out at the tournament management.

In the catering area:

  • The rules of gastronomy apply.